Faithwalkers-West 2013 Teachings Listen Here!

About this years Conference

Did you realize that Jesus created the world? Did you know that Jesus created you? All that you see around you was put into motion by Jesus Christ, in order that God might win you over and bring you into a relationship with Him.

God's unchanging mission through all the ages has been to rescue mankind, to bring men and women out of their darkness and sin and to make them His very own children. Jesus has been on this mission from the beginning of creation. When Jesus came to earth, He came to seek and to save those who were lost. This was Jesus' life. This was His mission.

Join us at this year's Faithwalkers as we look at the life of Jesus and observe His missionary call, His missionary ways and His missionary lifestyle. Discover in a fresh way the God who became man, in order to reveal Himself to us and win us to Him. Come, and learn… about Jesus!

What Others Say

"Constantly hearing truth all day for three days. The proximity of the hotels to the conference center. There are seminars geared toward families and children."

"Blessed to have specific prayers answered. Blessed to deepen relationships with other believers.
Blessed to have teaching that related to areas of need in my life."

"Blessed in so many ways... inspired to seek God more in prayer, especially to pray that I would see the Bible as a sugary treat of deliciousness."

"Seeing my teen son step out in faith after Brandon's "prayer" message. Fellowship with people of different churches and different ages who are not in my usual circle of church folks. Encouragement and inspiration of the messages."

"The worship was the highlight for me. I felt it brought me right to the throne and the Lord washed away troubles and hurts from the previous year."